Why again?

When we were in Ethiopia it already started.  One of the things we did was visit another orphanage.  Ted didn't go because we had just gotten Abrham from the transition home.  We had Hannah stay back with the two of them.  I went with our travel buddies that were there adopting too with AWAA.  I had mixed feelings about going...you know, the "too sad" thing, but I went anyway. 

You know what I found?  There are LOTS of happy, warm, loving older children.  And you know what?  When they are 12, they "age out".  That means that they can no longer stay in an orphanage, they need to leave and go out into the street.  OK, there were lots of kids close to that age!  But it wasn't sad, it was a call to action.

When we got back to the guest house where we were staying, my travel buddies (and if any of you are reading this you remember it well!!!) yelled up to Ted on the balcony, "guess what...Judi is ready to bring home a girl."  He jokingly (I think) yelled back...with a smile, "bring it on".  So, after being home for a bit, and talking and praying - here we are starting the process all over again. 

We used to think. "we have an extra bedroom...what are we doing with it?"  Now we don't have one of those, but it still doesn't matter.  Compared to the rest of the world we have A LOT.


  1. Your family is amazing... and what you are doing is awesome! You are an amazing mother and your family will be the perfect place for a young women! What a great role model you will be! Congratulations!