Wating on a court date...

Well,  we know who are two kiddos are, but can't share much of their information at this point.  We have a girl who is going to be 9 on December 3rd, and we have a boy who just turned 5 on October 5th.  We have looked at their pictures and read all through their medical and psychological reports.  It feels like we already know them!  The America World Transition Home (very similar to an orphanage, where the kids are moved to when they have been assigned to a family) has it's own doctor and psychologist and they work closely with the kiddos once they are placed there.  Now that they are at the TH, they have schooling, food, water, health care, warm bunkbeds, church each weekend, etc.  Lots of people talk about the cost of adoption and express frustration with "where does all that money go?"...but we know that a lot of it goes to provide all of this quality care for the kiddos!  : )

So, while they are being well taken care of, we are waiting for the court in Ethiopia to assign us a court date.  We will travel to Ethiopia for the court date, meet our kids and spend a couple of days with them, then come back home.  We have to leave them there, which will be hard, until we go back for an Embassy appointment.  From what we understand, the embassy appointment is about 8 weeks after the court date.  Currently other families are getting court dates at the end of January...and we are definitely not next on the list.  So, we wait.  And that is OK because we know there is always a very good reason for the wait!  We learned a lot about having peace with the whole process and we know that it's not about us.


  1. we are waiting for your court date too. May He give you peace as you wait to meet your two precious kiddos. We are thinking of you and praying for you!
    The Whitt's

  2. Praying for both your family and whittmommy as you wait and trust. Praying for soon court dates and God's love and protection to surround your precious children.
    Love and hugs and prayers,