Support Adoption with Pampered Chef

      As you know our next adoption is almost finished! We go to meet our 2 new kids (9 year old Emi, and 5 year old Tadele) in just 3 weeks. It's so exciting to be getting so close to seeing them for the first time. You all have encouraged us, helped us, and have just been there for us and we can't express how appreciative we are to have you.
      A friend of ours (she and her husband are adopting too from AWAA Ethiopia) is a Pampered Chef hostess and she does it just to raise money to finish up their adoption of two little boys from the same orphanage as ours. She had this great idea to open up her fundraiser to our family as well. We will be able to use the money we raise to help pay for our kiddos' plane tickets home. So, we are having an ON-LINE PAMPERED CHEF PARTY!
      There are a few cool things about it. One, is that I don't have a "party" at my house where you all have to come. Two is that you can just order the things you want on-line, all by yourself. And three, Pampered Chef is awesome!
      The steps for you to follow to order from the on-line party are below. The party will be "open" on-line until the end of March. And the last cool thing about it....you support the adoption of 4 orphans, just by treating yourself to some Pampered Chef!
      Thanks for all you have done to be there for us with our crazy
(but wonderful) adoptions.


1. Go to: www.PamperedChef.biz/DrucksKitchen
2. Click on "Our Products"
3. Search for the item you want then click on that item
4. Click on "How to Purchase" right next to where you select your quantity.
5. Enter our last name (Weber) in as the co-host
6. Then shop for all the products you want. You should see "Weber Adoption Fundraiser" as the organization on the top right corner of the page.
7. Once you are done shopping, you can finalize your order. That is where you will fill out your name, address, and payment information

Once the party closes in April, it takes about a week for the products to be delivered to you.


  1. Judi: can I order from Hawaii and have it shipped here?

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