Well......we are home safe and sound, and have even been back to work for a couple of days!  All is well here.  We were blessed with great care for our kids and animals and home while we were gone.  We are so looking forward to Monday when we find out if we passed court for Emi.  They are going to go ahead and present her adoption case to the court that day without us being there.  They said that the consent we gave last week for Tadele counted as consent for her as well....whew, since we are back in the USA!  We had an amazing time with our two kids in Ethiopia.  We got to visit them every day.  They are quite the characters...funny, smart, and she even showed her emotional side on the day we were to leave.  All is well, though.  The transition home has a GREAT psychologist who spent time with the four of us as a family before we left.  He explained the process to them, and that we would return for embassy, and then bring them home.  The kids then turned their sad faces to smiles, and had Ted and I "pinky promise" that we would be back as soon as we could!  Too cute.  There were tears at the end, but they seemed so happy at the thought of us coming back.  This Monday is Emi's real court date.  Pray for us and her to "pass" so we can go get them soon.  Sounds like the wait time after they "pass" court is 6ish weeks!  We will have them home for summer break!!!!!  Wooooooo hoooooo!  Hannah and Abrham are being so patient as well.  They are ready for their new brother and sister to get here.


  1. Yea!!! Summer break will give you some special bonding time. What cute pics of Tadele, can't wait to see Emi! Congrats on passing court!

  2. I am so excited for you all. I am sure that everything will go well with Emi. Tadele is a handsome boy. Hugs to you all.