October 27, 2010

Wow...so we took Hannah to the doctor today because she caught some kind of bug at school.  While we were there, Abrham jumped onto the scale to see how much he weighed.  I was shocked to see 72 lbs!   The nurse thought it was interesting too, so she got his chart out to compare past weights and heights.  His height today was 54 inches, which is 4'6"!  That's pretty tall for a first grader.  She showed me that he has gained 2 inches and 8 pounds since his last visit at the end of July.  That's amazing for just 3 months.  She also showed me that when he first came to live with us, just 10 months ago, he was only 58 lbs.  So...14 lbs in that short of time!  No wonder I have to keep buying new pants to replace his "highwaters"!  Watch out Hannah, you may be 6 years older, but you only have him by 5 inches and 20 lbs!  I guess with all that growing, he needs those 12 hours of sleep that he wants to have every night.

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