November 2, 2010...What Abrham said...

The other day I was talking to Abrham and had one of those realizations we all have about our kids.  He was asking me if it was a school day and was happy to hear that it wasn't.  But then I reminded him of the previous day when he was happy that it was a school day.  I told him, "You seem to be happy either way.  You are happy on school days and happy on stay home days."  He smiled and just replied with a "Yep!".  Then he thought for a moment and said, "I'm happy in America but I wasn't happy in Ethiopia."  I asked why and his response...

....."It's just not fun when you don't have a family."


  1. So beautiful! His comment made me cry.

  2. Awee.. Precious boy. So glad that God brought him home to his family.
    Praying for the many precious children that are still waiting and their families.

  3. So true! God designed for us to be in families. He may not have known God's plan, but he sure did feel it in his heart. What a precious comment!