1/26/11...no news yet

We are still waiting to hear of a court date for our two kiddos.  There seems to be something going on in the process because families with AWAA are all waiting for something right now.  There aren't new court dates, and there aren't new referrals for those who are waiting to be matched.  It's a strange feeling to be waiting for the phone to ring, when you don't even know if it will be in a few minutes...a few hours....a few days...weeks...months?

Abrham is waiting for summer.  He wants to know when his new brother and sister will be coming to America to be part of our family.  I had to explain somehow, and with his language development and age - the best way I could think of was with the seasons.  I told him that they will be here this summer.  Now every day he asks me, "How long until summer, mom?"

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  1. sorry I didn't know how else to contact you. Well you can just open up the file in any photo editing software like photoshop or even in the "paint" programs that come with your computer then click on the text bar and choose a font and try and place it over the white space. It's really that easy. Or if you just tell me what you want it to say I can add the text for you and send the file back for your header if that's what you're wanting to do with it :)