T***** and Y*********

Since we can't post names and pictures of our kids until we pass court...I figured out some things I can tell you while we wait:

T***** is our little boy.  He's 5 years old, and his birthday is in October.  From what we have heard from our monthly updates and families that have traveled and met him, he is full of energy!  He also loves to play soccer and run around.  Well, if you know Abrham at all, they are going to be one perfect match.  Our latest update says that T***** is 3'9" and weighs 44 lbs.

Y********* is our little girl.  Her name is very long as you can see.  Each month we are allowed to ask 5 questions, then they talk to her, and email us the answers.  This month we asked what she thought of the nickname Emi, which is in the center of the name Y*********.  They said that she spelled it out, smiled, and said "OK"!  She is 9 years old and her birthday is in December.  She is very sweet, loves to talk, and loves to take care of the littler kids at the Transition Home.  She is beautiful.  She has longer hair that is braided so pretty!  I am sure going to have to learn how to do that when she gets here.  She is 4'4" and is 68 lbs.  Hannah is so excited to have a sister on the way!


  1. I cannot wait to meet them! Colorado here we come. It's not like she doesn't ask me EVERYDAY when we are going to see you guys!

  2. It is so awesome to hear about the kids and what they enjoy doing. So glad she liked the name Emi, very cute! Wishes for strength in the long wait.
    Love, The Whitt's

  3. How exciting. I can hear it in the words you type how excited you all are. I bet Abrham cannot wait to have a little brother. Hannah for sure will LOVE having a little sister.
    Who would have thought way back when, when you were going through this with Hannah that you would end up here.
    Congratulations to you all.

    BTW - I forwarded your blog to a friend's ?brother? who has also just adopted from Ethopia and are desparate to meet other family with children from Ethopia. I don't know what the agency is they are going through, they just adopted two girls.
    HUGS to you all!!