2 weeks!

Today is the two week mark for our trip to Ethiopia!!!  Our court date is April 5th, which is Ethiopia time.  That means our court date will happen while you are sleeping on the night between the 4th and 5th...so all prayers before then and if you wake up in the night are appreciated for us to "pass court".  In order to pass, MOWCYA will need to have a letter written and delivered to the court the same day that we have our court date, and it will have to arrive BEFORE our court appointment that day.  From what we understand, everything else we need is already in order.  Well, also we need to attend, and someone from both kids' survivng birth families will also need to attend.  We are getting so excited to go and meet our two new kids.  We are busy making preparations for travel, care for our two kiddos that will stay behind this time, and care for our 8 animals.  We have friends and family that are going to do ALL of that for us, and we are so grateful to them!  It makes it so much easier for both of us to take off for a week in Ethiopia knowing in what good hands we are leaving everything here in Colorado!  You all know who you are...so thank you.

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