2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted and I leave for Ethiopia in two days!  We travel for about 26 hours straight, so we will arrive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at 7:00 am on Saturday the 2nd.  It won't really be Saturday yet though here in the US because of the time change.  Check below on our Ethiopia clock to see what time it is here while we are there.  It looks like they are 10 hours ahead of Colorado....so it will be 9:00 pm Friday night, here, when we arrive in Ethiopia.  Think of us....pray for us....pray for our two new kiddos that will be meeting us while we are there...and that we pass court....and that our two kiddos here are safe and have fun without mom and dad for a week...and that our 8 animals are kind and healthy for our parents who are taking care of them!  We are getting close to being ready to go.  We have gathered everything together, just need to put the stuff in our bags and do a few more things around home.
Ted works tonight and we are busy with a horse event tomorrow night - so we took the kids out for a special dinner last night to honor them before we leave.  We never go out (other than a quick dollar menu trip to fast food on kids' sporting events nights), so it was really easy to go to a "special dinner".  Hannah loves to dress up for special occasions, so she got the idea that they both were going to wear their Ethiopian attire that we got last time we were there.  They were sooooo cute.  She is so pretty and he is such a handsome young man!  Here's a picture of them from our special dinner night yesterday:
And no...he's not standing on a step! He has grown like crazy in the last year!!!  He says its because of the "good American food".  : )


  1. HOORAY!! Love you Webers! Hope to meet your new kids this summer some time. We'll be praying for you!

  2. will try this again. brings tears to my eyes. I have heard of the dollar meals, so I can imagine they had a blast. =) Gotta save all those bucks for the kiddos. Bring 'em on home Weber's!!! We'll work stateside. But maybe someday... Best wishes on your trip!

    The Whitt Family