Hello from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!!

We are here!  As a matter of fact we have already had a full day and are heading to bed.  I am sitting here in the Yebsabi Guest House, downstairs, hoping to maintain an internet connection while I post this. 

As best as I can figure with the time change, etc, I haven't slept for 31 hours.  And that's with a fancy "sky pillow" for the plane and sleep meds.  But.....I am soooooooo ready to fall asleep this second.  Ted already is!

The most important and best news is that we got to meet our two new kids today!  They are both GREAT, and you all are going to love both of them.  They had huge long hugs for us when they came out to be introduced to us, and wouldn't let go!  Emi has spent a  lot of time trying to learn English, and showed me that she can read and write in Amharic as well.  She is beautiful and so sweet.  She spent the whole afternoon at the transition home calling Ted and I "mommy" and "daddy".  She also has this sweet but firm (sound familiar Hannah?) way about scolding Tadele whenever he gets a little too squirrely!  Which he did.  Which Abrham is going to love.  He wanted to play and laugh the whole day.  If you know Abrham, you know that is a good fit!

We gave Emi a dark-skinned Barbie from the Tinkerbell series.  She carried her around beaming about it all afternoon.  Tadele was happy with his soccer ball!  Both got new Crocs from us as well, which they call Ethiopia shoes, because all the kids wear them.  They put the new ones on and quickly ditched their old, small shoes.

Tomorrow we go to church at this great church we went to last year, then to lunch, then back to the transition home to play with the kids again.  Two more days until court, so keep the prayers and happy wishes coming our way.

There's more to tell....all good, but I am seriously going to fall asleep on the table.  I hope to write more tomorrow.  :)


  1. Thanks for taking valuable sleep time to give us an update. So glad to hear how well the first meeting went. The kids sound amazing and the perfect fit into the Weber Clan. Prayers are being sent your way. Love,
    Colleen & Pete

  2. Bless your heart for sharing your time with us when you could be sleeping! LOVE the update!!!! Praying for more precious time together with your children!!!

  3. So happy to hear things are going so well. Thinking of you,